colon resection

Posted by margareto @margareto, Apr 28, 2012

anyone have a colon resection. What is best diet and anything to watch out for in way of post op problems. many thanks

I’ve had two. The first when I was 26. the second October 24, 2011–I am still attempting to recover. This time is was approx. 12 inches of my decending colon.
I did not feel my prep going in was appropropriate….recommend research and ask surgeon about having a empty colon prior to surgery. I was not instructed to have an empty colon which I believe began my long journey and recovery challenge. Additionally, I was pushed into a soft then regular diet prior to leaving the hospital. I was not ready and as a result I was in the ER two days later with a compacted rectum. My recovery has been challening; a recent colonoscopy has revealed an area of diaverticula may have been ‘missed’ and that possibly some of my problems are related to scar tissue causing obstructions (from prior surgeries). In any event, do your research (Colectomy), get a good internist, a good gastroenteriologist and a good surgeon and ask questions about prep and post op before going in. I am an intelligent active person; I was so miserable I jumped in without doing enough research. Now trying to get into Mayo MN; they won’t take me so I may have to go back to AZ. Mayo was my primary care physician in AZ. all very frustrating; just want my life back. I believe the surgery was a good thing to do; be proactive and watch the post-op diet and don’t push regular foods until your system is ready. Research fiber, however, note that too much fiber post surg can cause problems. Diet is a challenge; have to keep it healthy. Probiotics have helped and were recommended by the gastroenterologist post-colonoscopy done about a month ago. I still have pain, am not regular and have horrible gas. Everyone’s system reacts differently to this surgery so do your homework and ask lots of questions. good luck.


Watch too much fiber…heavy oatmeal based nuts, raw veggies NOT a good idea. Stay away from tempura! Watch your nutrition…I survived on instant breakfast with bananas from the blender until system really healed…

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