After colon resection: What helps with severe gas?

Posted by karina1954 @karina1954, Aug 9, 2022

11 weeks since surgery, I was wondering if it's fairly common to have severe gas to the point that it hurts, so bad that it feels like your back is gonna break 😔

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I am one week post sigmoidectomy with a stoma. I'm currently eating soup, crackers & gatorade. However, an hour after I eat, I get these horrible cramping gas pains that last about 10 minutes. Is this normal after this procedure? If so, is there any way to alleviate it? I want to be able to eat more things but the cramping pains after I eat are horrible…

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Hi @fatfreelife1, I hope you saw the helpful reply from @bea1972

How are you doing? Has the cramping and gas improved?


I am five weeks out from colon surgery and have gas pain under my breast into my side.


Hello, don’t drink from a straw. It gives you gas.


Just a few general tips that we learned along the way as my husband was recovering- his doctor's recommended a low fiber, low residue, no diary diet. Now that my husband is several years out from surgery, he has pinpointed some (but not all) of the culprits for him: dairy, garlic, onion and citrus all give him trouble and he stays away from very fibrous vegetables, legumes, etc. A heating pad while laying on his left side with a knee bent, walking around, gas-x and gas relief herbal tea have offered some relief. He also uses dairy relief pills when he really wants to eat ice cream or cheese. Hope this helps

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