cluster migraines

Posted by chrisc8450 @chrisc8450, Feb 27 2:44pm

I would like to speak with others who suffer from cluster headaches and/or chronic pain in the thoracic section of the back. I am trying to find others who suffer back pain along with the headache.
I have developed chronic pain in my back in the thoracic section between T3 and T5. The pain in the back mimics the cluster. It comes in stages, excruciating pain, disappears for anywhere from an hour to 12 hours, appears again. When I have the pain in the head, I never have the pain in the back. When I have the pain in the back I never have the pain in the head.

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True Cluster headaches are always limited to one side. The cure is Oxygen. Stress is usually the cause. They are called “Clusters” because when you have one you will probably have more before they quit. Avoid alcohol, caffeine, smoke and just saturate your body with Oxygen. Go to you-tube and search Dr Mandela—Nitric Oxide. Learn to hum. Will help you in more ways than you can imagine. Some people can stop them by spinning on a stationary bike. Gets the blood flowing and heart rate up pumping Oxygen to stop pain. Good Luck, Treetop


True “CLUSTER HEADACHES” are many times more painful than a Migraine, with a Migraine you want to be in a dark room and left alone to try to deal with the pain. With the Cluster you can`t be still. You want to run your head thru a wall or get a gun and blow it off! Some folks can get their Dr to prescribe E Tanks of Oxygen. Anything to get more Oxygen in the Blood.


To get more Oxygen from the air we breathe, it`s good to understand that Nitric Oxide is the element we need to inhale. Then the body converts it to Oxygen which flows thru arteries and vessels in your blood. Again that Dr Mandell on you-tube about NITRIC OXIDE can open some eyes and have everybody humming. Would you like to lower your blood pressure 50 or much more points on demand in 2 or 3 minutes. Dr Mandell will show you how. I promise you’re gonna Love “HUMMING”. Treetop


I am so sorry you are experiencing such severe pain and is including your back. I have a rare nocturnal headache that is a cross between a cluster headache and a hypic headache--it occurs nightly, 4-5X per night. Without effective preventatives, it was unlivable. Turns out Indometacin helps prevent the nocturnal headache about 95% of the time. After having limited success for treatment of those and my migraines, I visited Mayo Clinic early 2020 and it was experience and help I've ever gotten. My daytimes headaches (since childhood) are classical migraines with aura and my nocturnal headaches are super inflammatory, were untreatable and they do not fit the categories Migraine or Cluster exactly. I had ruled out dietary triggers over the years by elimination diets. I do have neck and upper back pain with daytime migraines and sometimes severe pulsating pain in my mouth (upper and lower gums). Since I have begun preventative treatment for the migraines with CGRP migraine drugs, the incidence of the migraines and back/mouth pain are much less frequent. And now my few migraines respond to triptans more completely and usually without multiple doses. Instead of daily as before the CGRPs, my migraines now average 5-6 per month with Ajovy and only 3-4 when I used Emgality. I still get the nerve pain in gums; but less in my upper back. I still get nerve twitches in eyelids and the back pain has become more like a twitch or pulsating muscle. Have you tried therapy with CGRP preventatives? I wonder if it might minimize the occurrence of headaches nerve pain and also the severity? Wishing you success in finding solutions.

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