Cluster headaches

Posted by mnvo96 @mnvo96, Aug 1, 2019

Any body out has cluster headaches

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Hi @mnvo96 and welcome to Connect.

I'd like to tag fellow Connect members @msb18 and @kristiesmith221 who have both mentioned cluster headaches int he past and may be able to provide you with support.

How long have you had cluster headaches? What do you do when they occur?

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My daughter has them for past 12 years


Moderator, are there any discussions on cluster headaches? Thank you for any assistance you can provide. Asking for my husband who is suffering severe attacks right now.


Hi @elsie37 you my have noticed I moved your post to this existing discussion on cluster headaches so that your post would be seen by more people wth similar experiences. Simply click VIEW & REPLY in your email notification to find your post.

That must be frightening to see your husband have this severe attacks right now. @msb18, @mnvo96, @kristiesmith221 and @kariulrich may be able to offer you support as you search for ways to help your husband.

Back to you @elsie37 was your husband given any treatment at this time?

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