Circadin 2mg slow release melatonin

Posted by mbabkk @mbabkk, Jul 2, 2018

It has worked wonders for me – I never knew the difference between over the counter melatonin which I tried many times while flying across time zones but never could see the benefit of. My doctor suggested I try circadin which basically just melatonin but in a slow release formulation that released the “ hormone” over 6-8 hours – it has given me many better nights of sleep – it is suggested for people over 50 ( do not know why ) and not for long time usage – so yes I am 68 and I don’t take it every day only when my anxiety tells me I will not get a good night sleep – my neurologist suggested that this could be a better solution to sleep instead of increasing the dose of my low 0.5 Ativan


A good question thank you – two answers if I take circadin more than one hour before putting my head on the pillow I can literally fall asleep sitting in a nice chsir – not how I want to sleep – but just gently dozing off. In the morning I wake up with zero feeling of having taken circadin it is for me a fantastic sleep helper

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@lioness that sounds great but with my bad hearing I would have to have it up fairly loud and my husband would never go along with that.


I am very interested in this – is Circadin prescription-only?


I think it varies from country to country / in Thailand it is supposed to be prescription only but most major pharmacies will sell it without a prescription like many other medication / the regulations are stricter on my anxiety medication Ativan that I can only get in s hospital clinic after consultation with a psychiatrist or neurologist

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