Chronic pain and other joint issues: Looking for answers

Posted by fletch312 @fletch312, Jun 5 6:35pm

Hi I’m in Canada looking To come to mayo.

Pain in hand radiates up arm. Starts in hand. It feels like a throbbing and feels like she can feel blood throbbing.

Can bend joints in hand. Can bend wrist without pain.

When press on fingers lower part it hurts. Pain in palm of hand.

Vacuuming then pain from holding vacuum. Maybe vibration.

Scrubbing definitely makes it worse.
Hands dont tend to cramp
Definite stiffness. Always feel need. To stretch hands

Pain in feet and legs are different than in hands.

Calves get Charlie horse cramping that you can visibly see. Muscle spasms.

Calves always feel tight.

Bottom of feet cramp spasm in bottom of feet and toes will cramp sometimes.

Stiffness from knees down.
Stiffness in morning or periods of being still.

Legs can be triggered by the wrong movements.

Pain is symmetric and little swelling. Recently have had some swelling in the hands

Had these symptoms for 4/12years. Have had pain all the time but it has gone in cycles. This time it has stayed. Started with getting very sick and was put on antibiotics. Never been the same since.

No shooting pain

Swelling very infrequent

Knees stiff.

Grey area symptoms may be related

Chronic anemia
Brain fog
Fatigue in cycles with the pain
Fatigue then get headaches
Definite cognitive impairment
Brain does not work the way it used to.
Heart palpitations

Doctors have done a lot of tests and have come up with nothing.

Thanks for any input

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I hope you do find some relief and help with improving the quality of your life.
Half the battle is knowing what is causing the pain and other symptoms. The other half is all about you and what you do once you know. And how are you going to move forward.
Keep in mind that Doctors do not know everything and do not have instant cures for everything. Reality is life is more complex than 1/2 of what we have been able to comprehend.
I live with chronic pain from a hip and low back injury. In addition to having arthritis here and there. I have much life I still want to do and live and when I get in my own way it really pisses me off. I guess that is the hardest part learning to deal with oneself and the emotions. Otherwise, I break it down into smaller more manageable pieces. Yes, it takes longer than before. When, I do get tasks finished. I will get done. And the feeling of accomplishment is still good. Hang in thier :

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