Chronic migraine relief suggestions

Posted by 247pain @247pain, Dec 27, 2019

I have chronic daily migraines and have had these for many years. I’m seeing a neurologist and we’re doing Botox and other preventatives plus the new Emgality. I cannot take your normal abortives like Imitrex or Maxalt. I was prescribed Toradol injections to give myself at home, plus muscle relaxers. Well my stomach can not handle the Toradol or any NSAID anymore. Any suggestions on pain relief? I tried CBD products and they did nothing. I do ice packs and dark quiet rooms, I’m very well informed on what to do as far as that aspect. I’m just so frustrated and upset, I get these horrible migraines that last for days sometimes weeks and I have nothing at home for pain relief. I can’t go to the ER every time. I’m only 41 and migraines have ruined my life. Thanks in advance

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my suggestion is to try an occipital nerve block, they work for my migraines for 6 months at a time!


I get occipital nerve blocks. Mine last 3 months. @deniseleann, your 6 months is out of this world wonderful. This goes to show that not everyone will experience the same results but, some relief is better than no relief at all. I would suggest asking your doctor about this also.
I have to add that I also get an auricular nerve block at the same time, as my pain is in 3 distinctly different regions. Good luck to you.


Bless you!! I buy Soft Tiger Balm on Amazon. I think it is from Thailand. My pain management doctor always loves it when I give her a jar. I rub it on my temples and carefully under my eyes. I then take a washcloth and run it under the hottest water I can stand. I place the washcloth on my entire face and breath in the tiger balm.

As a preventative, I take 900 mg of gabapentin each night. I also take 50 mg of amitriptyline each night.

I wish you could take maxalt, it ,too, was the answer to my prayers. I can not take the generics for maxalt or gabapentin.

Hope something that I use can help you. Keep the faith. I feel so badly because I have felt your pain and frustration.

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