Chronic lumbar and neck/shoulder pain

Posted by andilynn @andilynn, Jan 29, 2017

Has anyone tried acupuncture for chronic lumbar and/or neck pain? I had to switch oncologists this year because my new insurance isn’t accepted at the Cleveland Clinic. My new doctor said I can have free massage or acupuncture therapy at the hospital. I’m in remission from marginal zone lymphoma. My neurologist recommended injections, but I’m not in a hurry to do this. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, injections usually don’t work or cause me more issues.

Hello @andilynn.
I’d like to connect you with fellow members @fifi @margarettassmer @bluehay @vmitz @es6903 @lauralea and @momij, who have all talked about acupuncture and may have some experience and solutions to share with you.

@andilynn – Could you tell us a bit more about your condition?


Neck pain could be from several sources. I assume they did an X-ray or CT scan to see if you have bone spurs. The one I have is from a nerve from gallbladder to the brain and it is on the right side of the neck. It gets inflamed and causes sharp pain and impacts my right shoulder. But if you have lymphoma that tells me your diet was impacting your health. In general we believe we can eat any thing we wish, but we don’t understand what we eat impacts our health. My discovery have been the behavior of the liver that controls our health. My control of inflamation have been vegetables and for quick fix raw vegetables. I am impressed how quick the system responds to raw vegetables. Much faster than any medication. The liver is the boss of our health but medical science is ignoring it. In 1960 a Doctor in Italy cleaned my liver with shots and I was brand new for 3 years. I needed surgery to remove part of my intestines do to sharp pain and no one have touched my intestines ever since. Now I know that I had Crohn’s disease. I believe as I have done it if you change your diet to vegetables with protein (fish, chicken, or low fat meat) and no processed foods or soft drinks or any alcohol and carbohydrates within one week you will see how your health will make a u turn. The internet is full of such information but no one is listening to it. I started a year and a half ago and removed all my health problems specially diabetes and acid stomach and reflux. I believe we were designed for the jungle and eating raw vegetables must have an impact in our health. I heard it from a friend whose employee had many health issues and converting to raw vegetables for five months and going back to her doctor shocked him. I tested it for several times and noticed how fast impacts my inflamation and pain therefore I believe the story I heard. Please be aware of what you eat the system is capable of fixing it self in a short time. My best wishes.


Hi @andilynn
I have chronic neck pain from cervical spinal stenosis, disc bulging and bone spurs, arthritis and fibromyalgia. I was offered acupuncture as another part of pain treatment and was skeptical of it helping and hesitant to have needles stuck in me. Being in intense pain (8 out of 10) the thought of adding any additional discomfort is not so appealing. Boy oh boy was I pleasantly surprised at the outcome! I did not feel him place the ultra thin needles in my at all. My acupuncturist tried a variety of locations over a few visits before finding what would give me the best pain relief. My treatment are bi-weekly, I also use deep breathing, a TENS unit as needed and 1 Vicodin a day.

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