Chronic back pain after rod placement for scoliosis

Posted by mickiz @mickiz, Oct 9, 2011

28 years ago, I had scoliosis surgery – two rods were put in and my spine fused from neck to hips. However, my spine was not straightened so I have two curves – one makes my spine be near my right shoulder blade and the other just over my left hip. So I’ve been in pain the entire time, however 10 years ago it started getting worse and I was told that I have several herniated discs and arthritis in my spine and hips. In the last 3 years I’ve been unable to work since I can no longer stand more than 30 minutes or sit for longer than 15 with help of a TENS unit. My doctors have tried various types of massages, water aerobics, psychical therapy, steroid shots in my back, and various medications. Since I live in a rural area I’m not sure that my doctors have tried everything or just everything that is feasible to do with limited resources. I am tired of living in horrible pain and being so limited in what I can do, any suggestions?

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I keep looking for another specialist.good luck,hope you feel better.


So sorry to hear your story… 20 years post op from a similar surgery, though fused only from t11 to L5… unfortunately those with our conditions are a rare group of individuals and many surgeons are going to tell you that you need an osteotomy- BIG surgery. The treatments that you have been provided are all conservative methods common and helpful to those who have not gone through what we have. After all my years of researching and trying similar things, I truly believe that conservative methods do not work because the root of the problem is caused by an invasive (first surgery) method. Get many many opinions and look up flatback syndrome and others related to revision surgery…. I hope that you can limit your pain… the psychological aspects of chronic pain are horrible…

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