Chromophobe Renal Cell Carcinoma

Posted by cindyc @cindysummit, Dec 11, 2022

I just had cryoablation in my right kidney for a small cancerous (CHRCC) tumor one month ago today. On Thursday, I go for a scan to see how things are, then my doctors will do "Active Surveillence."

I feel good but am a little nervous. The worrd "cancer" is scary even though my doctors are optimistic. I was wondering if anyone knows about the percentage rate that this renal cell carcinoma subtype returns.

Thank you.

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@cindysummit, I wanted to check in and see how you are doing. Any updates?


Thank you very much for thinking of me and for checking in.

The other night I attended a live webinar with Dr. Martin Voss from Sloan Kettering in New York. He spends all of his days with kidney patients and has a serious interest in Chromophobe Renal Cell Carcinoma. He recently received a $50,000 Grant from the Kidney Cancer Cure organization (KCCure). He presented some research findings on CHrcc and it was hopeful at best.

My next medical appointments are May 6th and May 8th. I will have both blood work and a body scan done. Honestly, as I get closer to the dates, I do feel myself getting a little anxious. I'm pretty busy as a kindergarten teacher, though, and the kids are so active, fun and upbeat! That does help a lot!

I am also trying to remember the optimism that both my oncologist and urologist displayed while reminding me that it was a small tumor.

I will keep you posted. Thank you again for your kindness and support.

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