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Posted by kateia @kateia, Jul 6, 2018

It's taken me approximately two years but my "Christian Support for Caregiver" program has begun and I now have 9 congregations that will be participating. My goal was to establish 1+ caregivers within each congregation of our Church zone. These individuals will provide encouragement, prayer, guidance and needed resources for those who are caregivers within their congregations. Information for caregivers is out there but not always found by those in need. My goal is to have that information available or the ability to find the information within each congregation. Part of the training for the program was the attendance of the six lesson (1x/week) class called "Powerful Tools for Caregivers" which is a program that provides tools for reducing personal stress, tools for changing negative self-talk, tools for communicating your feelings and needs to others, tools for setting limits and asking for help, tools for dealing with emotions such as anger, guilt, and depression and tools for making tough caregiving decisions. The emphasis for the class is on the CAREGIVER and taking care of themselves so they can take care of their loved ones. Those interested in taking Powerful Tools for Caregivers classes can just google the name and should be able to find classes close to them. Also check with your local Extension Service to see if they are giving classes.

Just passed the one year milestone of my mother's death. It was harder that I thought it would be. Almost 20 years of battling Alzheimer's disease. She is now in God's care.

Congratulations, @kateia This sounds like you have put in a lot of time and energy into this program! It is wonderful you are committed to extending support to other caregivers in their communities!

I wish you well on your journey through grief as well. Tomorrow is the two year mark of my wife's passing and I agree — grief is a much more difficult journey than I had ever expected.

Again, congratulations on your effort for other caregivers!

Courage, strength, and peace!

I see mom each and every day in the subtle little things that she has taught me. Today I'll be picking gooseberries from plants that she gave me years ago. I cherish all of my memories. The good and the bad. The good for the laughs and teaching. The bad so that I may make it easier for someone else to cope with this horrible disease. Prayers to you today!! Celebrate the fact that you knew and loved your wife!! May God give your His comfort and peace always. Kathy

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@kateia I'm very interested in your support group! Do I need any special training to start a group? I'd like to inquire about starting something at our church. Blessings, JoDee


@kateia I'm very interested in your support group! Do I need any special training to start a group? I'd like to inquire about starting something at our church. Blessings, JoDee

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I started from scratch!! Worked with my Pastor to apply for a grant through the church. (Back to the grant later) While caring for my mother I attended a class called "Powerful Tools for Caregivers". It is a six week class (1 1/2/ week) that teaches the caregiver how to take care of themselves, how to communicate with siblings without being accusatory, how to be assertive when dealing with the care system, how to find resources, and working to set goals for yourself. The biggest thing was that I wasn't alone in what I was going through. The class in Iowa is run through our Iowa State Extension Service. It is a national program so I'm sure that you could google Powerful Tools to see if classes are in your area. One of my big issues was finding resources that I could work with to help with getting my siblings on board as well as getting mom the help she needed. My idea was to have one "Christian Caregiver" per congregation. I could funnel resources through them to the congregation. For example: support group info, bulletin/newsletter items, classes, and just information on different disorders for them to share. Plus they would be available for support for individuals within the congregation. The "training" that they would receive would be the Powerful Tools class I mentioned above. The grant covered the cost of the handbooks for each of my group. E-mail me at: and I will send you the Brochures that I have worked up and we can visit further. Our church organization – Lutheran Family Services – has now trained teams in the Powerful Tools for Caregiver program. We have added a Christian touch to the program. Myself and a friend are one of the teams.

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