Choking and throwing up after Huffing

Posted by rebecross @rebecross, Nov 4 1:06pm

I was admonished by a nurse to just not huff so hard if it made me throw up….but once again, after nebulizer and doing GENTLE huffs, my throat filled with stuff that I couldn't breath around, and there went breakfast.
Am I alone?

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@rebecross Before I was diagnosed with MAC and Bronchiectasis and learned about airway clearance, I had a severe continuous cough and this sometimes happened to me. Once I started using an Acapella, and later Aerobika, and huff coughing, it has not happened.

But most of the time I do airway clearance before I eat because it works for my schedule.
Maybe you can try that?


When I was at NJH they told me to always do nebulizing and huff coughing/autogenic drainage on an empty stomach.


I nebulize and use Aerobika 2.5 to 3 hours after eating breakfast usually around 10:30 am.


Thanks!! This might work for me!


I am new at some of this ,what is huffing? Thanks


A breathing technique for bringing mucus up out of the lungs, hard to actually describe. I recommend a YouTube video search!

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