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Posted by socard @socard, Aug 14, 2022

My child is 3 years old and the doctors said that he has refatory epilepsy but we didnt believe and go to find other profissional answers, we found out that he is gluten intolerant and other things. The doctors gave him castilium and valproate and we start to give him CBD oil and THC. He didnt have more seizures since that… but we start to taper the medication because he is only seizures because of gluten, not epilepsy, but is very difficult, he is very sensitive and has a lot of withdrawal symptons. What do you reccomend? Even if we change CBD amount suddenly he has reactions, i think it is because of medicine interaction… We want to take it off the medication because it is so dangerous in a long period of time.

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The process of tapering of medication can be complex and could be dangerous. I would contact your provider and figure out a plan and maybe your pharmacist may have resources in regards to the meds…not sure I would do it on my own. Anyhow, stay safe and good luck with everything.


Hi @socard,
I have the same opinion as @terik, I would do this tapering process together with your child's neurologist/epileptologist.
When I migrated from AED to CBD, this process was conducted by my doctor and took around 6 months. I have learned with my doctor that CBD has great interaction with AEDs. This process needs to be done carefully.
I am nowadays treated with pure CBD (my current doctor does not recommend THC) and diet. I have also taken gluten out of my diet and this has greatly reduced my seizures. Though I am not gluten intolerant, gluten provokes gut inflammation in me and is clearly a trigger of my seizures. More and more studies have been carried out on that, not only for epilepsy but also for other diseases such as Alzheimer's (Dr. Dale Bredesen).
Best of luck!


I agree with the others regarding tapering and getting your neurologists okay.
I hope you asked the doctors or pharmacists
advice regarding marijuana and Anticonvulsants since a number of them have interactions with marijuana.
Have you considered Epidiolex? It's a prescription of purified CBC oil, no THC.
Best wishes,

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