Chest Discomfort

Posted by joetaddonio1 @joetaddonio1, Oct 14, 2019

Hello everyone so this is my 1st post ever in any kind of discussion group. So to start it off back in April (6 months ago) what i think and many doctors think happened is as follows. I was coming in to work at the time was Allstate Insurance, and theirs a HUGE sliding glass door that is extremely hard to open almost like its stuck and it slightly came off the track its probably 200 pounds and you really have to put a lot in to opening it. So 2 days after this i really started to feel this discomfort. My chest felt like there was a huge amount of pressure and like couldn't breathe feeling. So obviously i freaked out and over the last few months i have switched up anxiety medicines and have gotten my anxiety way better under control. But i still have this chest discomfort. it almost feels like a squeezing and tight pressure in the middle of my chest and it just doesn't make sense that this could still be from a pulled muscle. It doesn't hurt me like there is no pain when i breathe. it just feels like tight squeezing and very bad shortness of breath.

I have had a stress echo test and regular echo test done of my heart and also i had a lung pulmonary function test done and both came back great. I also saw and allergist for allergies and asthma and was told i have neither. Also if i do any kind of physical activity it definitely aggravates it.This is a non stop discomfort that is always there!!

At this point i am just lost and feel like there is something missing and this will never go away. Please help me!!!!!!

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You could have what they call costalchondritis which is inflammation of the cartilage between your ribs it can be painful especially more so during activity. I had this myself. If you take your fingers and press around on your rib cage and it hurts its probably that. It takes time for it to go away and to ease it lighten up on upper body activity for a while and they slso told me to take something like Motrin or any generic ibuprofen to eaae the pain.

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