Chemo and blood clots

Posted by legalsecret1 @legalsecret1, Jul 28, 2019

I’m losing trust in my Oncologist, makes everything seem like it’s no big deal and now I have blood clots which I’ve been injecting 0.7 enoxaparin 2x day for 11 days now. When I ask a question she has me come in for ultra sound, I’ve had 5 now within 1-1/2 weeks and I’m just told clots are stable, not worse but not better. I had the clots for 2 weeks before they took my breathing problem seriously and finally ordered the first ultra sound once I got severe pain in my armpit and demanded to see the Doctor. I have HER2 and estrogen positive breast cancer, having my fourth chemo tx in 3 days and I now have an enlarged liver which postponed my tx last week, was only given herceptin last week. Further, they had me do chemo first to shrink the 5.5cm tumor before surgery so they wouldn’t have to take out so much with lumpectomy. Met with breast surgeon last week, told me cancer was gone but she has to take out the original size of tumor with lumpectomy, I didn’t want plastic surgery but now have no choice given the amount that will be taken out with lumpectomy. Half way thru with chemo, should I get 2nd Oncology opinion and breast surgery opinion??? Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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@legalsecret1 Given everything you have experienced...YES, by all means get another opinion. I changed my oncologist because I never got much response from him. I did wound up being quite toxic from my chemo early on for which he did adjust the amount, but then was stopped at 4 chemo infusions. There is no shame in getting another opinion. As far as plastic surgery, I had to have 2 lumpectomies due to a second tumor being found in the same breast and because I am so large breasted (and quite short), the breast surgeon did adjust the second breast size for me and I am happy that that was done. It was a long surgery (6 1/2 hrs) as my affected breast needed reshaping due to the two tumors on either side of that breast being removed. You will have to have tubes that you will need to drain, but just mark off on the calendar each day and keep focusing on the positive outcome. All the best to you.


Hi @legalsecret1, I add my welcome. It is so important to be able to trust the physicians and providers caring for you. You need to be able to ask questions and keep asking until you understand the response. A second opinion may be the way to go if you are not able to improve or repair the relationship. Have you told your oncologist how you feel?

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