Who Else Has Decided NOT To Have Implants or Reconstructive Surgery?

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I had a left breast mastectomy and will be having the right done after chemo and radiation. So I have time to decide. My surgeon left plenty of skin in case I decide that I want reconstruction. But I’m not sure that I do. I may just have the right one taken off and the excess skin on the left removed. I think I would be fine with being ‘flat’ and just wearing bras with prosthesis in them. I like to sleep on my stomach and I’m not sure how implants would work with that. Also, my husband and I have been married 30 years and he is leaving the decision up to me (he doesn’t care either way). But I’m curious to hear your experiences. Thank you

Sleeping on your stomach is hard with implants.
I have had my reconstruction done twice.
The first time, I was told not to lie prone. The second time, they have not yet commented.
So I do not do it.
This also makes getting a massage harder. If you go for a massage with implants, they can roll towels up for you to lie on so you are not laying directly on your implants. This works, but is not like laying prone, like you will remember… a new normal:)
It is a very personal decision
Good Luck–

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I think it probably depends on your age. I'm 81 so reconstruction means nothing to me. I had my right breast removed two years ago and I wish I could have had the left removed, too. I'm large breasted and it's terrible to have to try to balance the two, but I'm still glad I didn't go for reconstruction. Every woman has to make that decision for herself, but since I've had my surgery I'm more aware of how many flat chested women I see now. I know they've had mastectomies because nobody is that flat, but they wear their flatness well and still look chic and lovely.

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Hi! I had bilateral mastectomy about one year ago. I decided to go flat at that time after weighing the increased risks and healing time with flap reconstruction and the additional future surgeries for implant replacement as implants only last 10-15 years and I am only in my 40s. I am a risk averse person by nature so my decision did not take too much deliberation. I went from a 34DD to being flat. I communicated my desired outcome with my surgeon and she did an amazing job. I have pretty flat, symmetrical scars and no dog ears. She is an exceptional surgeon who really listened to me. I do not regret my decision to go flat. I do miss my breasts and the sensation of having them, of course, but no reconstruction was the right decision for me. I had many people tell me as I started to get out after surgery that they thought I was so brave for my choice to not reconstruct and I explained to them that my choice was actually fear based-I simply wanted to avoid additional risk and that I felt reconstruction was the ‘brave’ choice and that there is no one ‘right’ or ‘brave’ choice. I hope you find clarity in your choice! Also, I got prosthetic breasts but have not worn them once. It’s nice to not have the extra pressure and weight on my scars and back and shoulders plus they are much smaller than my original breasts and just look funny to me. But I am glad to have them on hand just in case I ever feel like wearing them. Also also (lol) Knitted Knockers is a non-profit of volunteer knitters who donated lightweight knitted prosthetic breast to women like us! They are not wearable in swimsuits but women I know who wear them say they are super comfortable!

I had a double mastectomy this past Wednesday and decided not to have the
reconstruction personally I felt like it was a risk that I didn't want to
endure and I'm happy for my decision, but I think everyone should make
their decision based on their own personal needs.

I opted NOT to have reconstructions because of the same reasons many above cited. That was 3 years ago, I'm 61, been married 35 years. My husband didn't care and I didn't want the extra surgery, risk or frankly…..breasts. I'm sorry I got cancer (that's not fun) but the breasts…..don't miss them. Haven't worn my prosthetic but I have it in case I want to wear something that would require breasts. I use a speedo type swimming suit and throw a light weight t shirt over that if I feel uncomfortable with how it looks on a given day, but mostly…..I just look flat chested. I did have a scar revision surgery to remove extra skin and tissue a year after my mastectomy to improve the chest wall appearance and to clear up a lymphedema problem (fluid was collecting in the extra tissue and not moving properly through my arm). I was very tired of doctors and surgeries and knew I'd still have check ups and other considerations and didn't want to the added thought on reconstruction but I know many women who did have the reconstruction successfully and they are very happy too. I was told to wait a bit and see how I felt because you can do reconstruction later…..but 3 years in I'm settled and like my decision. Hugs…..

I was diagnosed with Right breast Ca in Oct 2017 (I was 42 years old) I chose to have bilateral mastectomies & not to have reconstruction. I am enjoying not having breasts & being free of bras & back pain 🙂

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