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changing user name

Posted by @davidmaher in Men's Health, Dec 7, 2012

hello folks
can anyone help me change my username- I didn't intend to use my full name and the site people don't respond to emails
thanks for any help

Tags: mens health


Posted by @piglit, Dec 8, 2012

Hi dave you just have to re edit your details and go to change and that should work hopefully for you Take care


Posted by @davidmaher, Dec 10, 2012

thanks for your help piglet - I can't seem to find anywhere that says details - I see privacy and settings,my profile etc bot nothing in reference to username


Posted by @piglit, Dec 10, 2012

not sure then Dave maybe try to reset all of the settings Take care


Posted by @rosemarya, Dec 10, 2012

You might go to "help" on top right. There is a place to input a question and it reads that they "try to respond within 48 hours." Don't know, but it's worth a try.
Good luck.

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