Clostridium difficile (Cdiff) and worried about weight loss

Posted by 5chances @5chances, Nov 25, 2020

I have cdiff and just finished 10 days of vancomycin. I’m down to 99lbs. I’m feeling better but very worried about the weight. Suggestions? What about starting back on vitamins?

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I’d be very interested to know what you put in your shakes if you have a moment. I’m off dairy since this, so oat or almond milk is fine. I add almond butter, banana, avocado, marine collagen powder, pro bio supplement, strawberries, coconut yogurt, oat milk. They re so much easier to digest than food. Thanks so much again.


@5chances, Good question. @dilly69 @pines @donnacarp @ngorman25 and @losthope may have some thoughts about weight loss, gaining it back and making sure you have all the nutrients your body needs as you recover.

This article suggests:
"Sometimes the diarrhea associated with C. diff may become chronic. If so, nutrient supplements that supply iron, B-12, and zinc may help. Talk to your doctor about taking vitamins and other ways that you can ensure you’re receiving adequate nutrition during this time."
– Clostridium difficile and Diet: Here’s What You Should Know

5Chances, do you still have frequent diarrhea?

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Thank you for this information. After reading it, I wonder if Dr Mona Morstein knows a physician in the U.K. ? It would be great to be treated by a specialist in this field as my doctor didn’t even recommend that I take probiotics. However, I am receiving advice from a naturopath, but would like to be in touch with someone who really understands more about C Diff.

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