CBD Oil and AAA & Hernias

Posted by bradddd @bradddd, Jan 31, 2019

Chronic Pain & Child's Death led me to CBD Oil.
It has helped with DDD pain, emotional pain, appetite, and sleep. However, all of the sudden, I have a mild AAA and Inguinal Hernias, in addition to new digestive issues. Has anyone else learned of an aneurysm & hernias after CBD use? I have used the 5,000mg in a 30ml bottle. I bought 24 bottles in Colorado from a well known manufacturer, 60% gone in 2 months.

Does CBD oil cause the noted problems? Txs!!

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@bradddd Hey there. I was surprised to see your post after a google search I made looking for info on CBD oil and hernia symptoms. I have experienced bulging hernia pains in my left abdomen near belly button area and a bit lower than that as well. I’ve noticed it with higher doses of CBD oil (60-100mg), regardless of it being capsules, tincture or edibles. My best guess is that because CBD so incredibly relaxes the muscles that if one has weak muscles in the first place, then the dose is going to ‘aggravate’ something and is a sign that they should find out how to strengthen and heal the subjected muscle(s). I recently discovered the channel titled ‘My Natural Hernia Cure’ on YouTube and I’m going to utilize some advice from that channel’s creator. Also, there have been times where I didn’t take CBD oil for long stretches of time (weeks, months, years even) and have noticed that as long as I’m taking care of myself; like eating right, exercising regularly, staying hydrated and sleeping properly, that I stay fairly clear of the hernia pain with just minor, occasional tweaks and inconveniences. Now, I have also used therapeutic doses of THC, psilocybin, LSD and Kratom (where legal) at different points in my life (always on the rare occasion; 1-3x/yr or less) and have also endured these hernia symptoms during a random experience. The conclusion I’m drawing from these points is that any combination of weak muscles and any substance that may potentially induce levels of moderate to extreme relaxation, could possibly lead to hernia symptoms and pain. I’m not a doctor nor am I giving medical advice or directing anybody of any type to do something or not do something that they may or may not currently be doing already and do not advocate the use of drugs/supplements with consulting a certified, licensed physician. Everything I’ve offered is strictly anecdotal evidence coming from someone who pays attention to his body and does what he can to maintain health and well-being based on much research and experimentation to see what works to do so. I wish you well on your journey through life and hope you do the same for me. Thank you.


Hi my name is Lisa I was diagnosed 9 months ago with a AAA. The pain clinic suggested I use CBD oil for pain for my autoimmune disorders I have Hashimoto's and Sjogren's disease. I talked to my cardiologist in my endocronologist and they said that it's a risk you're taking use a CBD oil that's why I'm on this page trying to find out if it's safe to take it when you have an aneurysm aortic aneurysm. I refuse to take anything unless I research it thoroughly


If anyone has you CBD oil after being diagnosed with a AAA did your cardiologist recommended? And or any complications with using that?

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