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Has anyone tried this for pain? My daughter-in-law is waiting for steroid injections as she has 2 buldging disks in her back and a torn ligament. Her doctors prescribed Tylenol and Tylenol 3. Did not work. CBD Oil has made a difference. She swears by it! Anyone else tried it?


I need more information too, but am not sure enough research has been done to answer my question. I take half a .5 mg dose of clonazepam (Klonipin) at bedtime. A doctor had me start taking it at a very stressful time in my life. It's a small dose, but I can't get off it now, nor can several of my friends who are nurses. The more I taper down, the worse the withdrawal problems get. I have heart palps each day, and have stopped trying to get off the clonazepam because tapering off makes my heart problems worse and I can't sleep. Not good for someone in my seventies. My doctor says it's such a small dose that I should just keep taking it. But clonazepam is sedating. And friends of mine with arthritis say that CBD oil, when rubbed on sore joints makes them sleep very soundly. So that must be sedating too. One pharmacist warned me not to use both, since it could cause serious problems.

I have a lot of arthritis. My neck and knees are the worst. I also have hip bursitis if I don't sleep on my back all the time. I'm allergic to almost all antibiotics, so my rheumatologist says I probably won't ever be able to have knee replacements. My heart palps and antibiotic allergies are the reasons. The day may come when I have bone on bone arthritis in my knees, and I'll need something like CBD oil.

Does anyone know where I can find research on whether people can safely use small amounts of CBD oil if taking Clonazepam?
CBD seems to be quite helpful. Thanks

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I had hip bursitis. My pain management Dr shot it up with cortisone and it went away

I have the cream, for back issue that waxes and wanes. Cream absorbs quickly, she told me places to put it besides painful area on back.
Where I go is a reliable. The cream has a peppermint aroma.


Have you tried Kratom? I was on opiates for years due to degenerative disc issues. Then boom, no more. I was NOT paying for rehab, for methadone, for money grubbing counselors that have a huge recidivism rate because they just don't get it. Kratom allowed me to withdraw with minor annoyance and discomfort. I now feel SO PROUD that I did it myself, with the help of a natural plant that the FDA is trying to hard to ban. Pharmaceutical companies, rehab centers, all will lose customers if people begin to take charge of their lives THEMSELVES. Facebook has about 8 different Kraton groups that are closed, meaning private from everyone but the group. You can join one and learn so much about taking control of your pain.

Kratom relieves pain, period. CBD oil does help, but not enough. I am a wimp about chronic pain!

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Can Kratom be used if one is on blood thinners and pressure meds?

I tried it for my back it worked for a while than it seemed not to. Be sure she is getting a good quality. Some are not to good.

Tried it on max dose in liquid and pills but had no help from it. A bit expensive at max dose. A friend of mine has had good results due to artheritis but I did not. Just depends, I guess.

Tried it on max dose in liquid and pills but had no help from it. A bit expensive at max dose. A friend of mine has had good results due to arthritis but I did not. Just depends, I guess. I too have disc problems and use Vicodin and an anti-inflammatory (diclofenac/misoprostol) which works but I can not depend on it; bad weather, stress (magnesium) or just a bad stressful day, Epidurals have helped the most and listening to my body = losing weight, stretching.

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