Cataracts and Astigmatisms in both eyes

Posted by march13 @march13, Apr 16, 2019

I just went to ophthalmologist to discuss what can be done to help my vision. I have worn monovision contacts for twenty five years and glasses probably 2 hours a day. Vision is now not as clear. Options: Medicare lenses, I would continue wearing contacts and glasses or option two, $4,400 for Toric lenses. I could see without contacts or glasses and see to drive at night. Frankly, I don’t want to take a chance to spend all that money to be disappointed. I am frightened. To many variables. Too many unhappy people with surgery. I have read so much information to find out nothing is perfect. Hard sell for Toric Lenses. I am 73 years old. Any information would be most helpful.

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@march13 Hi Welcome to connect .I have had both my cataracts taken off I do have astegmatisim The Dr flattened the lens before putting them in is what he told me It's been 10 yrs and I can see far without but need glassess for reading I'm 76 now


I am in a similar situation. I have worn lenses for over 40 years, first Toric soft lenses and later Toric Rigid Gas Permeable mono-vision lenses. The RGP lenses last a long time, but the harder lenses take a little longer to get used to. I recently tried the newer Duette lense, but they didn’t give me good vision possibly because I have so much astigmatism. I also have cataracts, but the Dr. says they are not ready for surgery. I am looking forward to when I finally can have the surgery and just a pair of reading glasses, or one contact lense for close up. Good luck!



Like lioness, I have astigmatism and had cataract surgery 9 years ago. I wore hard contacts before that. Now I only use glasses for driving although I can drive without them. I use magnifiers for reading. Never went back to contacts as I don’t need them for daily activities other than driving. Night vision is not good anymore. I am 78 with blessed good health.

Don’t know if you have cataracts but may I strongly suggest that you take eye vitamins and incorporate as much green leafy vegetables as you can into your diet. Did the doctor say why exactly your vision is not as good? Is is just age ? How is your overall general health?
Preservision with lutein is what I have been taking for years. My left eye vision actually improved per my yearly visit to ophthalmologist. can’t stress enough how much diet plays an important part in your vision.

I would hesitate to get lenses that expensive also. Not familiar with Toric but maybe others know about them. I am going to read up on them and ask around if anyone I know is familiar with them.

Regards from FL Mary

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