carotid artery dissection

Posted by claudia @cjkressin, Nov 3, 2016

I was diagnosed 10 days ago with a carotid artery dissection and a pseudoanuerysm. Luckily just a t.i.a. from it. however I have been having nightly headaches and neck pain when I turn my head to the side or tilt it to the side. I think this is scary to have. I wait 3 months for a cta again to see if it is healing. I get left facial pain off and on. I was told no chiropractic work done and to avoid fast head movements. Is lifting also something I should be careful of? Also any tips from anyone on what to do or avoid.? Thanks

Hi @cjkressin, I can imagine that this is frightening. Waiting 3 months must be unsettling too. I know @hopeful33250 can relate.

Here are some tips from Mayo Clinic on lifestyle changes However, you should probably consult with a nurse or your physician before changing your exercise patterns. I’m bringing @jessl @llecrup @jerryasmus and @predictable into this conversation for further ideas and experiences.

In the meantime, you might be interested in watching this video “Let’s talk stroke prevention with Thomas Brott, M.D.

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