Caring for someone with Parkinson’s mci

Posted by davidjsr @davidjsr, May 25, 2019

I’m looking for a group where I can discuss how to care for a Parkinson’s spouse showing signs of MCI

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Hello @davidjsr, and welcome to Mayo Connect.

I'm glad that you posted your question about Parkinson's (PD) and MCI. I would like to invite a mentor of Connect, Debra, @debbraw. Her spouse also has MCI and I'm sure she would be happy to post with you here on Connect.

Mayo has produced several pages and newsfeeds regarding MCI. Here is a link to those articles,

We also have a caregivers' discussion group on Connect. Here is the link to that discussion, Scott, @IndianaScott is the mentor of that group and I'm sure he will welcome you and share his experiences of caring for a spouse with brain cancer and also his mother-in-law with dementia.

Also, in the Caregivers' group, there is a discussion about caring for a spouse who has PD and Lewy Body Dementia. Here is the link to that discussion, There you will meet @dem2301, @rmftucker, @maryterry and @grecarmar.

As you are comfortable doing so, will you share with us one of your greatest challenges right now?

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