Cardiomegaly + "slight cardiac effusion" Anyone else? Meaning?

Posted by realitytest @realitytest, Jun 2 1:31pm

I was recently in the ER for a fall causing two rib fractures. The chest CT that diagnosed that, also showed the two heart symptoms above. (I'm upset that NO ONE mentioned them to me or to my PCP – I just noticed them myself when I went over my discharge notes. Typical of local medical care.)

Since "luckily" (in a way) I was also in the ER four months ago for another traumatic injury for which I was given a chest CT, it was possible to compare the two. That showed that the current cardiomegaly is new. (Didn't mention cardiac effusion, DID say "pleural effusion" though).

I'm concerned, especially about the cardiomegaly. I'm scheduled to have an echocardiogram soon. What other testing might I be advised to have (depending on the echo's results, I guess).

I see there are many possible causes for cardiomegaly (enlarged heart) so no one can say definitively what it comes from at this point, but I'd still appreciate your thoughts and experiences. (I'm 76, with paroxysmal AFIB – take Xarelto and Metoprolol PRN for occasional tachycardia. I exercise in the gym at least 1/2 hour/day ) and have normal blood pressure. I have other non cardiac problems but I don't think it's worth listing them all (e.g. hypothyroid – medicated – a serious eye condition, and odds and ends.)

I live in a medically underserved rural area and don't have great confidence in our medical care.

Thank you!

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