CARCINOID CA - NOW CALLED NET'S (Neuroendocrine Tumors)-

Posted by carcinoid @carcinoid, Jan 17, 2019

2016 my husband lost his colon and part of his small intestine following an colonoscopy. He now has an ileostomy which makes treating the cancer more difficult as he can not have any abdominal surgery anymore. He was on life support at least 2 months and spent a month in rehab learning how to walk, and regain some muscle. I never thought he would walk again, but he is. It is a slow cancer but it spread to his liver and he now has 7 tumors on his liver. There is no treatment to fight the cancer, only sandostatin to control the symptoms. Anyone know anything on the horizon to rid of us this terrible terror of pending unknown trouble.

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Get to the right doctor/facility – there are still options out there for treatment


Hello Gaylejean,

Rather than write what my PRRT treatment was like, I am sending you a link to an 11 minute video that describes exactly how my treatment day went. If you have further questions after you view the video, please write.


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I have educated myself on the PRRT process. I am most interested in your PERSONAL experience, i.e.recovery time, nausea, weakness, etc. etc.


@gaylejean – My husband has not had it yet. Our Allentown LVH Cancer Institute is just preparing rooms to begin giving it. On his visit to his Oncologist last week he told him they expect to have it up and ready for April 2019. I like to be prepared ahead of time to what to look for. Not one for surprises anymore; the past 3 years have been full of shocks and surprises and I've had enough now.

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Hello @carcinoid

How is your husband doing these days? Are the PRRT treatments going to be available at your local hospital in April as anticipated?

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