Cannibus oil on skin for hip pain

Posted by popolopo @popolopo, Mar 6, 2019

I have had hip pain after hip replacement, 4 years now and few creams rubbed in help much,including Diclofenac. Wondering about cannibus oil . I could also put it under my tongue,or both.

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I used CBD oil to help me get off pain meds more quickly. They are actually doing some clinical trials in using CBD to reduce the need for opiods. I used it under my tongue and I rubbed it into the incision (after a few weeks post surgery). I feel like my results were positive. Now I'm about 5 weeks post op from a TKR and I'm taking only one or two oxycodone a day. On my last TKR, I took them thru about 10 weeks. Does your pain feel more like muscle spasms or inflammation (hot, swelling)? Wishing you the best!

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