Knee replacement

Posted by angelacol @angelacol, Nov 19, 2021

I have been on oxytocin for almost 6 months due to my knee. I had replacement surgery and the pain is so bad. I can’t take anti-inflammatory due to my colitis. Don’t know where to do now. This is day 2

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Welcome to Connect @angelacol. I couldn't help but stop and read your brief message several times. I regret that you are having what appears to be intolerable pain from a recent knee replacement. What is your pain like? How would you describe it? Is it constant? How do you get to sleep at night? I can't imagine having 6 months of pain without relief.

I note that you ended your post with "this is day 2". Are you saying day 2 since your replacement surgery? Or has it been 6 months since the surgery? I am very concerned about you and want to make sure that I can help you, even if it is just to introduce you to others who may have had similar struggles. That is the mission of Connect… improve the quality of life of every member.

What does your surgeon tell you about your recovery and the pain you are having? Do you work with a Physical Therapist?

May you be free of suffering and the causes of suffering.

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