Knee replacement with metal rod above knee

Posted by @parkerm @parkermary, Jun 22, 2017

Hi- I have had a metal rod in my leg, above knee, for 3 years now due to a break. I now am quickly approaching knee replacement (same leg) so that rod will be removed at time of knee replacement. Just wondering if anyone else had these procedures together? And, if so, how did the additional work (removing rod) effect the rehab/recovery of the knee replacement?

Hello @parkermary, and welcome to Connect.

It sounds like you have a rather unique situation. We have many members talking about knee replacements here on Connect, many of which have been very recent. You may be interested in checking out a few other discussions centered around knee replacements:

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@parkermary, if you are comfortable, would you mind sharing a few more details about your situation? If they are removing the rod, what does that mean for your leg stability? By getting a knee replacement, do they think that will stabilize the leg without the metal rod?


Hi @JustinMcClanahan – I will try to offer an abbreviated version of my situation. Due to Ollier’s disease, bone structure, and previous fractures, my leg stability is questionable without any supplemental support. My doctor and I have discussed several options, ranging from no stabilizer to using bone to replace the metal rod. The latter is the option the seems most viable right now. I will see dr again in August to hopefully finalize plans for TKR. I am very familiar with rehabbing a TKR, since my mom and mother-in-law have both had that experience. So my concern is just how much difference might arise with that additional work being added to the TKR?

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