Cannabis oil and Immunotherapy

Posted by cheung @cheung, Feb 14, 2019

Are they compatible, I.e. taking CO while having immunotherapy? Any experience from anybody who use bothv



I was diagnosed with stage IV metastatic lung cancer in August, 2018. I had radiation treatment on my brain tumors that resulted in 1 tumor now barely detectable and the other 2 reduced by 75% – I was also being treated with 2 chemos (alimta and cisplatin) as well as keytruda. After 4 treatments of this combo, I am now on ongoing maintenance and receiving only alimta and keytruda. I have no side affects with the exception of sensitive/weepy eyes and a drippy nose in week 3 of every treatment. My MD says she has not heard of this before but I find it odd that it is always in week 3, the same week I will receive the next treatment. I have recently read about CBD oil and its possible anti-tumor effectiveness so started taking it just a week ago. I had no idea that it may reduce the effectiveness of the keytruda so plan to speak to my chemo pharmacist this Friday when I go in for my next treatment. There is so much conflicting information on the web, we must all be careful. My oncologist says of there is not a study on it, she will not recommend it. No alternative treatment advice from her, but so far I am responding well to treatment so we are doing something right. I hope to win this battle, that's for sure. Dies, exercise and meditation are so very good for us too!

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@jgatti60 Thank you sharing yout story. My dad has the same diagnoses and he is doing the same treatement now. He will do his second cycle of Alimta and Cisplatin in 2 weeks and it will be 4th cycle of Keytruda. He is planning to do PET end of March to see the tesults. Nice to hear that the treatment worked for you. I do hope that doctors will stop Cisplatin after the second one since he is having neuropathy problems in his legs. He has no other side effects. I was also hoping to get CBD oil but worry about the interaction with Keytruda. If you find out anything, please let me know .

What do doctors say, how long you should continue keytruda?

Keep us posted. Ina

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