Can you have pneumonia with 98% oxygen saturation?

Posted by mkqq @mkqq, Apr 9, 2020

Hi all,

My first post on this forum. I am suffering from bad health anxiety these days just like many others.

I'm wondering if it's possible to have pneumonia (let's say mild) with a normal oxygen saturation of 98%?

It all started with a fever 6 weeks ago. The fever itself only lasted 2 days but since then I've had a wet cough (not that bad), fatigue, anxiety, feel like I'm short of breath doing light exercises.

I've been sleeping very poorly with many sleepless nights at the start. Now I can manage around 6 hours of interrupted sleep per night with the help of Valerian and Melatonin. The poor sleep certainly isn't helping my recovery. It's only now that the wet cough seems to be going away.

The past 3-4 weeks or so I struggle to sleep more than 2-3 hours at a time. Quite often I would wake up breathing quite heavily or faster than usual.

I'm was concerned that I might have a mild form of pneumonia. Doctor advised me to buy a pulse oximeter which I did today. I tested myself and my SpO2 level is average 98%, reading between 97-99%.

So basically my current symptoms are fatigue, lack of sleep, minor throat irritation with little mucus, and breathing issues. The breathing issues is partly psychological but I'm concerned that there is something wrong with my lungs.

Thanks for any input.

Stay safe!

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It may be interesting to note that many Covid-19 patients are unaware of their pneumonia although their oxygen level may be as low as 50% (normal is generally considered to be between 95% to 100%). The virus, in many cases, does not initially stiffen the lungs an allows deep and fast breathing to "make up" for the impaired lung function and the deficiency of oxygen. It might be wise for those feeling concern to have their oxygenation checked; this would allow their medical team to take preemptive action, and avoid a ventilator.

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