Can white dust from humidifier cause problems for COPD

Posted by richardherman @richardherman, Dec 26, 2022

I am on permanent O2 and have had an exacerbation I believe was caused but the white dust. Would like to other folks experience.

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Hi @richardherman Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I know exactly what you’re talking about with the dust from humidifiers. My mom had that issue too with her humidifier years ago. When she switched to distilled water the problem was solved. Basically it’s the minerals in the water vapor that are deposited on surfaces. When using distilled water, the minerals have been removed.

I found a really good article that explains all about white dust and how to avoid it. You are right, there is a possibility that it can cause some problems for people with respiratory conditions.
Here’s the article for you:

Do you use distilled or filtered water in your appliance?

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