Can Gabapentin make neuropathy pain worse?

Posted by cwallen9 @cwallen9, Apr 16, 2019

I started getting peripheral neuropathy pain about nine months ago in my feet and hands right after I received a cervical steroid injection. I started taking gabapentin about 7 months ago. I have gradually increased my dose from 100 mg a day to 1500 mg. I can't say that it has decreased my pain at all. In fact, my pain has gotten steadily worse. I was just wondering if it is possible that gabapentin can sometimes make neuropathy pain worse. My EMG and biopsy results are negative for short fiber neuropathy so far.

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I have Charcot Marie Tooth disease, which is a peripheral neuropathy, and I cannot tolerate gabapentin well. It makes me groggy and off-balance, most of the antidepressants and epileptic medications people have mention also sedate AND cause restless leg syndrome. My main problem is nighttime pain which leads to insomnia. I take 1mg of clonazepam at bedtime, but it does work for the whole night. I used to taken Norco also a couple hours before bed and the combination worked quite well for me. Then everything changed and I moved to a new state and no one will prescribe an opioid drug while I’m on clonazepam. Does anyone have experience with be refused drugs that worked well together—I took the Norco/ clonazepam combo for 12 years.

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Welcome @marc11, It must be frustrating to say the least that you can't get the treatment that worked to provide relief from your nighttime neuropathy pain after moving to a new state. There is another discussion where members are sharing what has helped them with the nighttime pain.
--- Neuropathy Pain at Night: What helps?:

Another source of help might be the Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy in case you haven't already seen the website -

Have you looked into any alternative treatments to help with the nighttime pain?


I am one of those individuals as well. I've weened myself off once again. When my back messes up I'll start taking it because my foot pain and the "humming" I feel from my hips to my ankles is so disruptive! Every time it'll get worse despite trips to the chiropractor, tens unit, ice packs, walking. When I come of of it, it starts improving.

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