Can a person take Forteo again after a 5 year break?

Posted by cvillegal @cvillegal, Dec 1, 2018

I just got the results of my DXA scan. I am in the osteopenia range. I finished a 2 year round of Forteo in 2011. I had to take a lot of prednisone earlier last year, which is why I think I have the decrease again. Just wondered if I could repeat this drug?

Hello @cvillegal, welcome to Connect. I am inviting some members who have taken or are taking Forteo to share their thoughts and experiences with a gap in taking the medication: @harper2018, @breakdancer, @ritafarmer, and @betterbones who have all discussed Forteo on Connect.

@cvillegal, if you don't mind sharing, has forteo been recommended to you again, or are you just curious as it was what you used in the past?

I have swelling in my left knee. They want to do surgery some day soon. Does anyone know what I can do to get the swelling down. Pleaße help

to cvillegal- If you read the package insert for Forteo, I think you will find that the FDA recommendation is for Forteo to be limited to 2 years total for lifetime. It is due to a cancer risk. Good luck

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