Calf pain when walking

Posted by jerrywo @jerrywo, May 26 10:57am

I'm 77 years old, relatively fit and recently diagnosed with PD – tho I've probably had it for at least a year prior to the diagnosis. I do my LSVTBig exercises twice daily and go for a 2-mile walk every other day. On the walks I have calf pain which lasts for about 1/3 mile and then diminishes. Legs remain stiff and weak but I can still do 2-miles on a hilly trail.
Does anybody else have calf pain/cramps?
Jerry in Virginia

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Hi Jerry, since you're getting the calf pain on your walks and it goes away, the cause may be generally muscular that you can treat with rest, ice, compression and elevation. Be sure you're drinking plenty of fluids. Just in case here's a link to some patient information on calf muscle pain and when to call a doctor:

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