Calcium scan

Posted by crickard70 @crickard70, Dec 10, 2023

My husband had a calcium scan for cholesterol and came back 1000. All of his other numbers are normal doctor wants him to take a statin but he feels horrible on them. Anyone have this scan?

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Yes I went through a period getting a CT scan every 5 years and I did it 3 times. My understanding is that it gives you a visual idea of the amount of calcium that is in your arteries in comparison to others in your age group. I currently take a statin and my cholesterol is very good. It is not covered by most insurance but I think it is a good test.


The calcium score is an index of atherosclerotic risk.
If you are in doubt and he has tried more than one
type of statin it may be a good idea to get referred to
a cardiologist for comprehensive risk assessment .
There are multiple other genetic, lifestyle and medical
conditions that can play a role in major heart events.
I found out by researching that psoriatic arthritis puts me at significant risk in spite of very good
numbers and calcium scan. The cardiologist knew that
inflammation was my indicator for starting statins.

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