Bypass surgery

Posted by tkdunlap @tkdunlap, Jul 17, 2017

My husband has 4 bypasses last August….. this past week …. he had stents placed in each of the graphs….. Dr told us 3 were blocked 99.9 -and other was 85….. originally we were told that the surgery normally last between 8 and 10 years…… we are left wondering what happened ans what do we do different….. I am panicked ….. has this happened to anyone else and what are you doing??? We did all the things we were told but …… then this????


Hi @lioness,

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You must be relieved to know that your cardiac health is good? How long did it take for you to recover from the bypass surgery?

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No problem It on me took 1mon th I think it was Dr. didn’t send me to cardiac rehab as I was in good physical shape so told me what to do at home


It has been one month today that I had 2 bypasses and a stent, my chest is so painful and tight? I’m having burning, stinging,
Pains. Has anyone experienced this? Feels like something is wrong in there doesn’t feel right.

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I'm having the same problems I've told the hospital here and they don't believe me they won't even check to see if anything is blocked and I'm so scared

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