Buspirone for anxiety: any side effects?

Posted by derryman @derryman, Nov 3, 2017

Hi to all members fighting Aniexty & Depression. Can anyone help me. HAS BUSPIRONE ANY BAD SIDE EFFECTS. I have been prescribed it but haven’t taken it. I’m on 100mg SERAQUEL, 225 EFFEXOR.LIPTOR & other tablets. PLZ RESPOND WITH HELP. THANKS

I have been on it for 2 yrs along with depakote, prozac, amitriptyline no issues for me. Every one is so different. Good luck!


Hi, I have been on Buspirone for about 6 months. 10 mgs . in the morning and 10 mgs at night. It makes me a little drowsy. I don’t really notice anything else. I also take propanolol for palpitations in the morning. At night, I take 300 mgs seroquel and 45 mgs mirtazapine. Sometimes I feel like it isn’t helping, other times I feel better. My worst time of the day is in the morning.


There's something wrong in my head. On effexor. I used to be so smart, capable of working. Now i'm darn near useless. There's so many voices in my head.i DO know which one is mine.Fortunately I have cats to pet. And a home, a safe home.

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