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Burning sensations on skin pressure points, i.e. elbows, forearms, hands buttocks, feet.

Posted by @jimbourg8 in Brain & Nervous System, Oct 25, 2011

Does anybody have similar symptoms like these. It is not exactly like a peripheral neuropathy but seems similar....It just started happening in June 2011. Almost constant feeling of burning pain when ever I am sitting or anything touching those hyper sensitive areas of my body. As soon as I get up and move, there is relief. As soon as I sit down or exert the slightest pressure on those areas, there is that burning , nagging , type of pain. I had received a diagnosis of Hypothyroidism during that time and have been taking the low thyroid medication for 3 months now...but no relief on this problem...........anybody out there with similar or same symptoms.....I'd be glad to find out and if they for a resolution. So far my Healthcare providers dont know yet......maybe I need to see a neurologist ?


Posted by @cottonfamilygenetics, Oct 25, 2011

Hi, What you have must make it difficult to think about anything else. Have you looked into fibromyalgia. It is a central nervous system disorder which comes on as a result of a trauma. Each of us present somehat different symptoms. My areas don't sting. I just ache and sometimes the different spots just hurt.

I hope this helps, Cotton

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Posted by @jimbourg8, Oct 26, 2011

Thanks for responding. I've been reading up on the fibromyalgia but don't think I really meet the clinical criteria for that. Symptoms dont really match. My guess is that this is somehow related to the hypothyroidism that I have. Mayo Clinic symptoms under description of Hypothyroidism sort of point to that direction. The sensation of Burning skin in my areas can be one of the symptoms it seems. So now if I can get my thyroid back to normal perhaps this will disappear with time I hope. They say it take a while to get the proper dosage.......It appears that I have had hypothyroidism for quite some time before I realized the symptoms......will just have to wait and see..


Posted by @sharon905, Nov 25, 2011

I am new to this site. I have fibromyalgia and I get burning/freezing feelings in my feet.When I use a heating pad on my lower back it sometimes helps. Sometimes it's like my body doesn't know if it's cold or hot-I went shopping last month and forgot to put a coat on and it didn't seem to matter. I started Lyrica and it helps some of the pain I've been having but I am gaining weight from it .It also made me feel lightheaded-so I am slowly decreasing it-but I am getting some of my pain again . I also was getting freezing/numb feeling in my face.


Posted by @junebug2, Nov 26, 2011

I have similar symptoms and no one seems to know what it is. Numbness, tingling, burning sensations over all the body. Symptoms came on after going off of a medication. Subsides somewhat when move or rub areas but not completely. Thyroid not problem, All blood tests came back ok. My Dr. thinks it may be neurological Itches so that can not tell how hard scratchinig and making scabs. Also even the wind blowing over me is hard to handle. Can't take clothes touching me either. No relief really.


Posted by @lisaw, May 13, 2016

jimbourg8-I have similar issue, did you ever get answers?


Posted by @jimbourg8, May 13, 2016

I saw your post lisa. Have not been on mayo for quite some time. I can really relate your your dilema. I strated having this burning feeling in certain pressure points in my body. Mostly on the elbows mostly on my left side ....mostly worse in the late afternoon and evening. It's usually burning and/or uncomfortable feeling when I am sitting down on couch or chair. the burning sensation like I said on pressure points like elbows, legs, or butt when sitting even if 2 mins or less and seems like I can't remain still.......upon getting up and moving around it relieves the sensation. Went to neurologist 4 years ago..........he confirmed that it was Restless leg syndrome............there are different types of RLS but the classic symptoms are a feeling of burning, tingling, and a general sense of unable to relax when quietly sitting or even laying down and relieve comes when changing position and/or getting up. Diagnosis is by symptoms....there is not definitive diagnostic test.........all bloodwork usually normal RLS. I now take Gabapentin, and Klonopin to calm the "restless" nerves...........there is no cure for this........It's just something you have to learn to live with and take those medications for it..........They say there is a link between low iron (which I had) and now I take more iron (but that may not allevate the symptoms even when iron level becomes normal ) . Also it is believed there is a link between low thyroid and RLS also.......I was diagnosed with low thyroid 5 years ago and started taking the levothyroxine to put my thyroid back to normal. But even though I still have the RLS........there is a possiblity that I had LOW thyroid for years before I was diagnosed with it........hence I think (my theory) the RLS evolved due to the years of LOW thyroid. This is just my thinking on this. No Dr. Told me of that.....anyways I hope maybe this helps others and they can begin to pinpoint their syptoms down.


Posted by @lisaw, Jul 7, 2016

Thank you for replying!! I haven't checked the site in a few months, but I checked it again today because I am going to another neurologist. I contacted a few other people with your name because I have been so desperate for answers. There is another lady from Puerto Rico on a different site I have not been able to communicate with who has same burning symptoms when sitting. If you are on Facebook maybe you can send me request or your email address instead of waiting for replies on this page.


Posted by @colleenyoung, Jul 7, 2016

Welcome back to Connect @jimbourg8 and @lisaw.
I, too, have RLS. However, I only experience it at night. About an hour after falling asleep I'm woken by a sense of activity in my legs and sometimes my hip area. It seems to get worse the more I exercise. I recently started working out more regularly. I have to be very diligent with stretching throughout the day. Heat and massage help. I'd really like to not have to take medication for this, but the disrupted sleep makes the day harder.

Lisa, have you been diagnosed with restless leg syndrome? What questions do you have for your new neurologist?


Posted by @hopeful33250, Jul 7, 2016

@colleenyoung @jimbourg8 and @lisaw I've also had the RLS symptoms. It seems to be related to Parkinson's. There is a Parkinson's med which helps quiet the "jitters" called Amantadine. If I'm having an "active" night I just take 1/2 of tab and it really settles everything down. It's not as strong as some of the other drugs but it works quite nicely for me. I have found that it helps with the vivid dreams which are also Parkinson-related. While I don't think that Amantadine is suggested for RLS, it might be worth a talk with your doctor to perhaps give it a try. Teresa

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