Burning Mouth Syndrome. I have it very severe.

Posted by mygrigio @mygrigio, Aug 5, 2011

I am a 76 year old women and have had this condition for almost a year. it is getting worse everyday. been to many doctors and not one of them has heard otf it, I am getting desperate


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Lexonpark, have you been diagnosed with burning mouth syndrome recently? How do you manage the pain?

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I was diagnosed with Burning Mouth Syndrome and Central Sensitization at Mayo Clinic a few years back. Now I feel it’s in my throat as its sore 24 hours a day. Does anyone experience this in their throat? Any suggestions?


I got it but come to find out it is from a med I was taking and now I am fine . Topamax was the med


I am very sorry for you to be going through so much pain. Have you been to a dentist? They seem to be much more familiar with BMS. My son did go to a doctor with this condition but after multiple tests there was no diagnosis. When he mentioned his burning mouth to a dentist Magic Mouthwash was prescribed. It is a compound made up by a pharmacy and the ingredients are used to suit the patient. It is very important that the mouthwash is prescribed specifically for you. My son took a dose of the mouthwash in the morning and evening after he brushed his teeth and he was cured. This may seem very simplistic as your condition seems much more severe. One ingredient sometimes used in the mouthwash is steroids which I would be very careful with as my daughter is now going through the extremely painful and debilitating condition of Topical Steroid Withdrawal which is caused by over use of steroids which she was prescribed by her doctor for eczema.


I’m 55 and have a severe case of Burning Mouth as well. I’m going on three years and no significant relief. I’ve been to every doctor and have tried so many medication. I’ve seen doctors from John Hopkins and Georgetown in DC and still no results. The only temporary relief I get is mixing a few drops (as hot as you can tolerate) of Tabasco Sauce mixed with water and rinse your mouth out with it. I know it not conventional but it does give me about an hour of relief. If you try it and it works, please let me know (one of my doctors suggested it).

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