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burning after total knee replacement

Posted by @jetter, Tue, Feb 12 10:46am

why does it burn after total replacement


When did you have your TKR? Is there a specific area that burns? Do you feel the burning all the time? Have you felt it from the beginning or has the burning feeling developed over a few days? Is your discomfort from the burning relieved by pain meds, if you’re taking pain meds? Is the burning relieved by icing?

For the first 1-1/2 weeks after my recent right TKR, I felt a lot of a burning type pain each time I lowered my leg after having it elevated. I assumed it was a circulation issue. I now experience a burning, tingling feeling in the patella area. It lasts from a couple of seconds to a couple of minutes. It’s bearable but it definitely gets my attention each time it happens.

There are lots of supportive TKR folks here with countless experiences going through the TKR process. I hope someone can answer your question. Good luck!

@jetter Hi, and welcome to Connect.
I have had two TKRs and not had a burning sensation after either, but we all heal differently and have different experiences. I know of people who had both knees done at the same time, something that I realize most doctors will not do, and the knees recovered differently from each other!
I would definitely call my surgeon to check on this just to make sure that he feels it is within the realm of acceptable discomfort.

I did have more pain after my second TKR than I did after my first. During that time my surgeon was seeing me frequently to check up on it. The pain suddenly lifted, almost overnight, and from that point on that knee recovered better than my first knee had.

Hi @jetter – Welcome to Connect! I just had a TKR two weeks ago (thankfully w/o the burning sensation you describe). @connie1559 is right that there's a wealth of knowledge on TKR's in this forum. And @contentandwell is spot-on regarding the fact that every single TKR is different – not just every person but every surgery. I've been fortunate with my recovery, but my right knee was much slower than my left in almost every aspect of recuperation. Can I ask when you had your surgery? Also, aside from the burning sensation, how are you doing with range of motion and strength in your knee – and with pain management? I find that if I can control the pain and inflammation, I don't have as much swelling so I do better at my PT exercises.

I still have burning pain 10 months after total knee replacement. I think this is quite common

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