Anyone have bruising at incision site 3 months post liver transplant?

Posted by ltek128 @ltek128, Sep 12, 2022

Hi has anyone experienced bruising at incision site 3 months post liver transplant?

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I had a ton of bruising all over my stomach area and arms right after transplant. It took a few months for it to all go away. If it’s a new bruise, you might want to have it checked out. If it’s from surgery and it is slowly getting better, then I would say it just takes time for the body to heal.


I had bruises for a few months and was told it was normal & expected. I remember noticing it most 2-3 months. It’s been 11 months since surgery and my abdomen still has swelling but no bruising.


I experienced the same after LT for 3-6 months. But like katebw said if they are new make sure u call your coordinator.😊🦋


@ltek128, Bruising can be worrisome, especially when it involves the area of our transplant surgery. I don't remember bruising, but my surgery was 13 years ago, I do remember that the incision line, while healing, was darker than surrounding skin.
I think that you nave heard some very helpful experiences from members already. It is okay to contact your nurse coordinator about your concern. She/he is there for you and will be able to give you the information that you need.
Will you be having a 4/5 month checkup with your team or surgeon?

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