Posted by shar1120 @shar1120, Nov 16 9:06am

Has anyone found they had multiple bacteria in their lungs that led to resolution after Bronchoscopy

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I have had two bronchoscopies this year in March and September and both showed Chimaera and Fortuitum sub-species bacteria. I also have a fungus/mold identification called Trichosporon. As far as I know, there is no resolution other than to take the drugs we read about, depending on the bacteria discovered. I am in the final testing stages now at NJH and will know what path I am to follow soon.


Additional information: My specialist at NJH told me that he would only be able to treat the Chimeara, the predominant sub-species, because drugs for Chimeara and for Fortuitum are different and unfortunately conflict so both sub-species can not be treated together. I'm not sure what that means in my future but it is worth mentioning to you.

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