Bronchiectosis to Atelecaisis

Posted by kpost2 @kpost2, Feb 10, 2020

Had a chest x-ray and Pulmonologist said that I have Atelectasis and not Bronchiectasis. They diagnosed me three years ago with Bronchiectasis on my left side only. Now I have it on right side also , but now saying it is Atelectasis. Sounds like its getting worse. I'm 47 and don't know if there is a very good outcome.

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@kpost2 Hi – changing diagnoses can be confusing and frustrating.
If your are talking about atelectasis, Mayo has some information here:
From what I read there, unless your case is very severe, it sounds as if it is treatable, possibly reversible. Good luck finding help in caring for yourself, and let us know what you find out from your docs.
If we can offer any advice for you, it would be to educate yourself as much as you can, and become your own advocate in seeking information and treatment from your pulmonologist and other physicians.


Simply a piece of advice. "Keep Digging!" I was hospitalized with a pulmonary and cardiac disease four years ago. The pulmonologist said "Just a form of pneumonia. You will get over it, and never be bothered by it again." So I am still being hospitalized about every 2-3 months with the same thing, but now other docs are saying "Chronic Bronchiectasis" and/or "Atelectasis(?)" And there are some very good articles available both from Mayo and from University of Helsinki Hospital and Med school.


@kpost2. Hi! I understand your concerns. I found myself in the same predicament. I have (had?) a "mild" case of Bronchiectasis which was likely brought on by the many allergy-driven sinusites, bronchitis, and pneumonia. The Atelectasis became a "new finding" at the bottom of my lungs a couple of years ago. My pulmonologist recommended I use an "Incentive Spirometer". I also bought an Oxymeter — I would recommend it! You can find it at any Pharmacy and on Amazon. It does NOT require a prescription and it is not expensive; I think I payed around $23. It shows my "general" oxygenation is at 93%, not considered ideal. If you wish, you can take the measurement once or twice a day, and make a chart you can then take to the doctor/pulmonologist.

My recommendation is to rely upon the medical advice of your Pulmonologist. Make sure to keep all of your appointments and do precisely as she/he tells you. Remember also that you can always get a second, or third opinion.

Stay well!
— Dee

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