Breathing techniques?

Posted by kathyhg @kathyhg, Jun 22, 2021

Does anyone practice different breathing techniques, either when nebulizing or as a way to open up their lungs? People who practice yoga seem to know a lot about breathing to open up different parts of the lungs.

On my last CT, my lower lobes were clear but (for the first time) I had a new nodule/glob of mucus in one of my upper lobes. My respirologist suggested additional ways to clear my upper lungs but I didn’t think of breathing techniques until later that day.

I had been really focusing on deep breathing to clear my lower lobes when I was nebulizing and that apparently has helped but that could have been at the expense of my upper lobes? I’m not sure if I was not expanding my upper lobes enough and wonder if anyone does this when nebulizing (or when not nebulizing)?

I am doing some of my own research but any suggestions would be appreciated.

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By hand held I meant the Aerobika. I have asked my PCP to become involved and help …have pulmonologist and GI doc talk. Primary was very supportive and has a call into both

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ahh I see. So you're talking about your nebulizer treatment (with Albuterol + saline) and your use of a flutter valve device (e.g. DeVilbiss, Acapella, Aerobika), which can be used separately or together. Thanks for clarifying. Sounds like good docs!

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