Breathing equipment

Posted by gullive88 @gullive88, Dec 11, 2022

Hi has anyone tried the Airofit Pro for respiratory muscle training I have a number of other pieces of equipment that are less tech and was wondering if anyone can share their experience with this. I got COVID in Jan 2021 and live at 7200 ft and need supplemental oxygen when I am at home and am unable to participate in the sports I love. At sea level I am able to walk bike play golf etc without the oxygen back up. Next month I am scheduled to have a CT scan to see if my pulmonary fibrosis is progressive. Would appreciate any advice or knowledge with regard to this.

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@gullive88 I was about to say "go ahead and try it" until I saw that you have pulmonary fibrosis - anyone with a potentially serious lung condition needs to clear any new device with their pulmonologist. When airways are damaged, the wrong type of stress on them can cause further damage.
That said, I applaud you for working to improve function- maybe some pulmonary rehab with a skilled respiratory therapist could help ?

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