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Brain Lesions

Posted by @jadevt, Apr 11, 2012

My name is Jade, I’m 21.
I’ve never used a site like this before so bare with me.
About 3 weeks ago I was sent to a radiology clinic for an MRI. The doctors were looking for a tumour. They didn’t find one; what they did find however, was a cluster of lesions in my brain. Tomorrow I am going to a neurologist who wants to further study my films and discover why these lesions are occurring. The options they have laid before me are unsettling. The best option is chronic migraines have damaged my brain. But even then I would have to take expensive medication for the rest of my life to prevent further damage. My family was very supportive when we thought I had a tumour, but now they don’t seem to understand how frightened I am.
Maybe I’m just not educated enough about brain lesions, but the term scares me. I need to speak with somebody who understands the panic I feel. A person who won’t tell me to get over it, because this feels important to me.
Please help.


Alex Simon

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Posted by @alexsimon, Apr 18, 2012

Dear JadeVT -
Mayo Clinic does have some background information available on brain lesions:

I do not know much about brain lesions so I am unable to offer guidance, but I hope you are feeling better soon.

If you are intersted in seeing a physician at Mayo Clinic, please click on the “Request an Appointment” button on the upper right hand corner of your screen.


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Posted by @sksimon, Apr 23, 2012

Hi Jade, I am going through almost the same thing. I had gotten a back injury due to work (I’m a nua at a local hospital) and my doctor ordered an MRI because I was haveing strange symptoms and she was concerned it was an aneurysm. My MRI showed I have several brain lesions. At first MS was discussed but my doctor is saying it is “stress”. This past Thursday, I was rushed to the hospital by ambulance because I lost all feeling in my legs, arms, and my speech. I just got out of the CCU yesterday. I had another MRI while I was in the hospital because I had yet another attack and it showed the same info as the first MRI. I am NOT getting any help with this with my local small town docs and I have to mait till May 10th to see a Neuro. I am so tired of the Doctors around here saying “stress” when all this is happening.


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Posted by @gramsw, Apr 23, 2012

I know what you mean …. I have had 4 back surgurys and still having trouble with pain , falling , numbness & other things. They have call it so much till they don’t know what it is Sorry i’m new to this also……..

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Posted by @reiver, May 5, 2012

Hello Jade 🙂
First of all, take a deep breath and understand that there are indeed many other people out here with your exact symptoms and concerns, and I believe a lot of remedies for your condition 😉
I am the father of a 20yr old boy who was also diagnosed with a 5mm Brain Lesion just last week! As his father, I was stunned and am extremely concerned by this event. I have done some very initial research on this issue and have found that as with most medical situations, the limits of ‘damage’ run the gammet from very mild to very concerning. My son had a sudden seizure for NO apparent reason while sitting at his computer and fell on his hardwood floor, striking his head. Question? What was the reason that your doc was looking for a tumor in the first place?
So far, my son has received a CT, MRI and MRI with die. The only conclusive test was the MRI with die. If your MRI was w/o die, you must return and get the die MRI. Its like your doctor can see inside and outside of your entire brain! He should be able to tell you the exact size of your lesion which will be a good start for you to begin your process of dealing with your doc and begin to make informed decisions 🙂
I want to offer to you Jade, to be your friend and ‘pen pal’ as well as my son Danny so you no longer feel alone, and more importantly so we can share back and forth ALL of the information each of us learns !!
Please stay in contact with us as often as you like and we will do the same. Our next step is to see a Neurosurgeon as recommended by Dannys Neurologist which we will do next week as soon as our insurance authorizes the visit !! (this is NOT for surgery, rather to gain much more information from a Doctor who sees real brains on a daily basis). I will forward any information we get from him on to you 🙂
In the meantime, you will be in our thoughts and prayers and never underestimate the power of Prayer to comfort and Heal, especially 2 young people like you and my son !! 🙂 Lots of love and friendship, Brian and Danny 😉

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