bradycardia -- what's a too-low heart rate?

Posted by Solo Act @soloact, Nov 27, 2017

I wear a Fitbit Charge HR, which has a heart monitor that is pretty accurate (within a beat or two of what hospital instruments say) except for sudden spikes up or down. My heart rate is now in the high 40s at rest, has been as low as 38 while asleep, is usually in the 50s during the daytime but can get into normal range if I'm active. I can't get anyone at my primary care or cardiologist's office to give me an idea of what's so long that I should call them! I'm betting that below 40 is a concern, but all they've said is that heart rates lower when we're asleep. Duh! I know that. What I want to know is at what point should I seek their help if that happens.

Does anybody know?

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I personally have not heard of the jacket or vest you're referring to, unless you mean the holter monitor that you wear for 24 hours. I haven't heard about the watch either, but I am not very up on technology. It must be awful - I know I'm afraid with my issues, but to fall asleep and have your heart stop - that's scary. I wish you all the best in figuring out what the cause of this is.

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My Apple Watch buzzed me regarding low heart rate for ten minutes . Otherwise I wasn’t aware and had symptoms of fatigue and dizziness. If it wasn’t for my Apple Watch i won’t have known about my condition. Had an emergency pacemaker implanted in Taiwan. I really like my Apple Watch.

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