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Hello all
I was diagnosed last year with Bradycardia. My resting HR is between 45 & 53. I have been having shortness of breath, pain from left side of my chest to my arm pit. At times of exercise,excited or upset I cant breath ! I had several cardiologist look at the 4 stress test one wanted to do a pacemaker. The other wanted me to get my weight up. I went with the weight. I've been really trying but the last few days I feel different. Tired Exhausted actually! I'm 45 mother of 5 I dont know how to slow down. I need help getting back to myself ! Just hoping to find a doctor that cares ! The last one spent 15 minutes to tell me what the first one told me & said see you in 6 months.

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Are taking any meds for your heart?

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This is today's numbers


Hi everyone
I'm just getting home from my appointment. Cardiologist now thinks I have POTS. (POTS stands for postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) although some of my symptoms make sense. I'm really concerned that he hasn't had an EP look at my test. He wasnt even concerned about my numbers or shortness of breathe. He started the conversation by saying I need to start eating 3 meals a day ! I admit I do not have a good relationship with food but I have maintained a weight of 119. I stopped him and told it it's more than that ! He said well then its probably POTS 🤦‍♀️ felt like it was not even thought through. I'm wearing a holster for 48 hours and although annoyed for me asking my cardiologist said I will be scheduled with an EP in the next 2 weeks. In the meantime he will run the test for him. What should I do guys. Is anyone familiar with POTS ?

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Just my opinion, but your very low resting heart rate is not a simple in office “ off the cuff” diagnosis of POTS. I am not familiar w that condition but read it’s symptoms on Mayo website. You need a new doctor and definitely look for your own electrophysiologist. I rely on multiple reviews and (where they did medical training.. it matters), when researching a doctor. Do your own, don’t rely on your current Dr. if you could go to Mayo Clinic, they have the BEST.


Hi @maveric09, Thank you for the private message and the follow up information. I thought I would respond in this Bradycardia discussion in the Heart Rhythm Conditions Group so that you could meet @texas14 @weiskopffstrong @nene22 @suzanne2019 @warpedtrekker @jadillow and other members who have posted about Bradycardia. Hopefully they can share their experience with you.

You mentioned you were diagnosed with Sinus Bradycardia and if I read your message correctly your symptoms are having chest pain that come and goes, dizziness or what feels like you're walking through water, and you sometimes have flushing episodes along with hands and feet that get cold and occasionally numb but not as often as the chest pain. Since you also have been diagnosed with idiopathic small fiber neuropathy you were wanting to know if that could be the source of your chest pain could be related to your SFN diagnosis.

You said you tried to make an appointment at Mayo Clinic Rochester but found out earlier this week they declined to see you. While we wait for other members to respond, you might want to read the post by @colleenyoung in the following discussion --- Looking for tips to receive an appointment at MAYO:

Can you talk with your cardiologist to see if they will give you a referral to Mayo Cliic Rochester?

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