Posted by exboater @exboater, Nov 8, 2018

I am a 6 year afib person had a total heart block level three was happy and dumb for 5 years this summer woke up to arytem and short breath if exercised very tired and low bp (near 100) checked meds one T a time still had skip heart beat for 1-2 hours at night finally stopped my afternoon glass of wine skip beat was much better finally came upon arginine while reading on this site skips at night gone completely as long as I stay off the alcohol in any form. Now tthree months not near as tired and short of breath able to exercise

hi, just one question: a total heart block, 3 level, means that the atrium and the ventrikel don't work together anymore I had this last january. . they implanted a pacemaker, you did not mention a pacemaker in your post.I presume that you might have level 2 or 1.. possible?

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