Anyone use Bone restore with Vitamin K2?

Posted by dulu @dulu, Jan 13 10:46am

Has anyone have success in increasing their bone density using Life Extension Bone Restore with Vitamin K2?

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@dulu, before spending loads of your hard-earned money be sure to get the facts. Here's a good article about vitamin K supplements.
– Do You Need Vitamin K Supplements for Your Bone Health?

"Should you take a vitamin K supplement?
Based on the connection between vitamin K and bone health, several studies looked at whether it makes sense for anyone, including people with osteoporosis or at risk for it, to take vitamin K supplements. So far, results have been mixed.

Some studies, many of them conducted in Japan, found that supplementation with vitamin K1 or vitamin K2 improved bone mineral density, and few studies showed a decreased risk of bone fractures. Some subsequent studies found that vitamin K supplementation had no effect on bone mineral density. Many of the studies conducted thus far are limited by flaws in the design or a small number of participants."

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Vitamin K1 and K2 can be consumed through diet. Do you like leafy greens, chicken, eggs, hard cheese, pork? You might be covered.

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